ASAA Southeast Asia series

This series is edited by the Asian Studies Association of Australia. Its aim is to publish cutting-edge research on all countries and peoples of Southeast Asia across disciplines including anthropology, geography, history, literature, political economy, politics, sociology and the fields of cultural studies, communication studies and gender studies. Interdisciplinary and comparative research is encouraged.


Since 2004 the series has been published for the Asian Studies Association of Australia by a consortium of publishers: NUS Press (previously Singapore University Press, Asian market rights), the University of Hawai‘i Press (North America market rights), NIAS Press (European market rights to all non-Indonesia titles) and KITLV Press (European market rights to Indonesia titles).


The series editor is Howard Dick of the University of Melbourne, Australia.


Being Malay in Indonesia

Histories, Hopes and Citizenship in the Riau Archipelago

Nicholas J. Long

Paperback - 2013, Available
ISBN 978 87 7694 133 8, £18.99

Cham Muslims of the Mekong Delta

Place and Mobility in the Cosmopolitan Periphery

by Philip Taylor

Paperback - 2007, Available
ISBN 978 87 7694 009 6, £16.99

Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya

Negotiating Urban Space in Malaysia

by Ross King

Paperback - 2009, Available
ISBN 978 87 7694 046 1, £19.99

Money, Power and Ideology

Political Parties in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia

Marcus Mietzner

Paperback - 2013, Available
ISBN 978-87-7694-134-5, £25

Other Malays

Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism in the Modern Malay World

by Joel S. Kahn

Paperback - 2006, Available
ISBN 978 87 7694 007 2, £14.99

Resilience and the Localisation of Trauma in Aceh, Indonesia

Catherine Smith

Paperback - 2017, Recently Published
ISBN 978-87-7694-232-8, £22.50

Squatters into Citizens

The 1961 Bukit Ho Swee Fire and the Making of Modern Singapore

Loh Kah Seng

Paperback - 2013, Available
ISBN 978 87 7694 122 2 , £18.99

Surabaya, 1945–2010

Neighbourhood, State and Economy in Indonesia’s City of Struggle

Robbie Peters

Paperback - 2013, Available
ISBN 978 87 7694 121 5, £18.99

Tai Lands and Thailand

Community and State in Southeast Asia

edited by Andrew Walker

Paperback - 2009, Available
ISBN 978 87 7694 049 2, £16.99

Taming the Wild

Aborigines and Racial Knowledge in Colonial Malaya

Sandra Khor Manickam

Paperback - 2015, Available
ISBN 978 87 7694 162 8, £19.99

The Contours of Mass Violence in Indonesia, 1965-1968

Edited by Douglas Kammen and Katharine McGregor

Paperback - 2012, Available
ISBN 978 87 7694 110 9, £18.99

The Khmer Lands of Vietnam

Environment, Cosmology and Sovereignty

Philip Taylor

Paperback - 2014, Available
ISBN 978-87-7694-139-0, £22.50
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