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    Mapping Cultural Nationalism

    The Scholars of the Burma Research Society, 1910–1935

    Carol Ann Boshier

    NIAS Monographs # 136
    Hardback - 2017, Recently Published
    ISBN 978-87-7694-205-2, £65.00
    Paperback - 2017, Recently Published
    ISBN 978-87-7694-206-9, £19.99
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    Resilience and the Localisation of Trauma in Aceh, Indonesia

    Catherine Smith

    Paperback - 2017, Recently Published
    ISBN 978-87-7694-232-8, £22.50
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    The Continuation of Ancient Mathematics

    Wang Xiaotong’s Jigu suanjing, Algebra and Geometry in 7th- Century China

    Tina Su Lyn Lim and Donald B. Wagner

    NIAS Reports # 51
    Paperback - 2017, Recently Published
    ISBN 978-87-7694-217-5, £18.99

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