Snow flurries and Hong Kong

from Press News, posted 02/03/2015 - 12:47

So far this year, winter has had little of its old bite. Eren Zink’s fine study of global warming seems especially relevant right now. However, yesterday the snow fell much of the day and a few flurries continue today, lightening up the post-Christmas drabness, as can be seen out of one of the windows in the Press office (we are blessed with three).

“Flurries” in more ways than one … Recently, there’s been a flurry of book reviews coming in. Typical here is the case of Negotiating Autonomy in Greater China: Hong Kong and its Sovereign Before and After 1997, edited by Ray Yep, which was published 18 months ago but is only now garnering reviews in the journals (a matter of frustration given the rich topicality of the volume).

Last week was the turn of China Information (28:3), in which John M. Carroll of the University of Hong Kong wrote:

The premise of this exceptionally well-focused collection of essays is that Hong Kong’s autonomy has always been a process of negotiation, and that understanding how autonomy becomes political reality requires analysing it within a complex range of interactions between London and Hong Kong and between the PRC’s centre and its periphery regions.

And now today, in the China Journal (no. 73), Alvin Y. So of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology writes:

All the chapters in this book are interesting and well-written. The book sheds new light on the contentious process of negotiating autonomy by offering insights from scholars from different disciplines (including political science, public administration, sociology, law and history) and researchers from different social backgrounds, including expatriates who have served and lived in Hong Kong for decades; local academics born in Hong Kong who are well versed in Western and liberal ideas; and overseas Chinese who crave an identity distinctive from the mainland regime. The richness and sophistication of this book is enhanced by the diversity in perspective, discipline and case materials, as well as the different personal backgrounds of the authors.



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